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About Us

The moment of inception is unique. For any product or business, it's that point in time from which an idea is conceptualised, designed and developed into something special ⚡ 

Last year, Aidan and I were travelling in Europe and we came across a boutique print shop that had a Harley Davidson motorcycle patent in the window. We really liked the minimalist look to it and remembered how we'd used early product prototypes for motivation in the past. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing a world beating product stripped down to its core ✎

On the trip home, we started brainstorming how we could apply this idea to the tech and gaming world which we both know and love. So Retro Patents was set up to scratch an itch. We wanted to capture that spark of inspiration and hang it on our walls ❤️

We started off building our own bespoke patent prints which we put up around our houses and offices and started sending them to friends who liked them too. Then we started printing them and selling them locally to people who were just as passionate about patent art ☺️

This evolved into the website you see today. We're excited to share Retro Patents with the world. Here's to the patent pioneers who've paved the way ☝️

We invite you to take a look around, enjoy and shop at your leisure. 

Craig and Aidan